Mambo to Make a Difference – Charity Event

W/C 10th July 2017




Starz Ballet® Teachers Learn #MamboToMakeADiference Routine  TAKE ONE…

Ask your little one if they can spot their teacher?  Most Starz teachers made it to our meeting this week (on their day off) where we surprised them by asking if they would pop on a Starz t-shirt and learn our new #MamboToMakeADifference routine!  It’s such fun dance, for such a great cause.  Our teachers didn’t waste any time!  Not bad for a first try, we love our teachers at Starz and we can’t wait to see the children sharing their mambo moves!

FREE Dance Tutorial

Why not let your little one/s dance along to our Mambo at home, using this video to help.  Remember to share your clips or pics with us at Starz Ballet.

Hidden Treasures

Starz Ballet®  have utilised their new modern dance brand ‘Dance Starz’ to create a new Mambo routine to be use to raise much needed funds.  Starz are working in association with the charity Hidden Treasures and The PE suite to bring this event to schools across the UK and raise money to provide Dramatherapy to pupils in schools in London and Manchester who have been left traumatised by recent tragic events. Every pound raised will fund Drama and Movement Therapists to offer individual or Group sessions in schools where support and positive mental health is most needed.

Mambo to Make a Difference

Starz teachers of our Starz ballet® and Dance Starz classes will be encouraging pupils to #MamboToMakeADifference at classes during w/c 10th July.  Parents are invited to share their photos and videos via social media of their little Starz dancing their own mambo at home.

Schools nationwide are invited to take part in a short dance course culminating in a synchronised dance at 11am on Friday 14th July.  If you have school age children, why not invite their school to join in and make a difference.  They can register with The PE Suite to access the training tools here: