Our favourite time of the year is showtime! All of our pupils and many parents get together for a magical day when beautiful memories are made for life! As with our classes, our shows are very nurturing and non-competitive and centred fully around the children and their families having the best day!


If you have not booked your show space yet or theatre tickets, here is all of the information again!

Box Office Tel: 02380652333 (box office opening hours 11 am – 3 pm)
Shows 1 & 4
08.30 Arrival time for dress run
09.00  Dress Run
10.00  Performance
Shows 2 & 5
11.30 Arrival time for dress run
12.00 Dress Run
13.00 Performance
Shows 3 & 6
14.30 Arrival time for dress run
15.00 Dress Run
16.00 Performance
Costumes are provided by Starz and will be fitted at class.
Intro to Independent/Independent or KS1 classes: If your child is over 3 years old they will be looked after by two adult parent helpers from their class. If you would like to volunteer as one of our two adult helpers (at least 1 to be DBS checked) please let Miss Sarah know.
If your child is under 3 years old or is in the mixed ages class you will stay with your child for dress run and showtime. You will not need a show ticket for yourself as you will either be on stage supporting your little one or watching from the wings. To avoid overcrowding we can only accommodate one adult per child backstage.
Full Show Info and further detail about the shows will be posted to our show page on our website.  Please refer to this as questions arise, or ask us.
Our social media platforms will also be fully updated, so if you are not yet following us, now may be a good time.
Please remember that we do need photo and video consent for all children who take part as it is a public performance and we will be selling DVD’s of the show as well as sending a press release to the local and national media.