Products & Services:

Payment for your Starz Ballet® products and services (classes) is taken through Stripe and you will be redirected to their secure website to make payment. Stripe accepts all major debit and credit cards.  Please refer to Stripe’s terms and conditions for additional information. Once your payment has been taken you will receive a receipt from Starz Ballet® via Stripe and an email order confirmation from us. Please note that upon making a booking with Starz Ballet® for classes, you are booking for the duration of the term, and Starz Ballet reserve the right to amend your payment amount by charging or refunding your registered card should your payment amount be incorrect.  Starz Ballet® will always communicate errors and subsequent charges in advance.

Class Bookings:

Class place bookings at Starz Ballet are not confirmed until the full booking form has been completed via the Starz Ballet® website or over the phone via the Starz ballet® office and payment has been received.  Starz Ballet reserve the right to cancel or amend bookings, and in this unlikely scenario where a booking is cancelled a full refund would be made to the card used to book.  Occasionally a class may need to be rescheduled e.g. if your teacher is unwell.  Where we are unable to reschedule your class a full refund will be processed to the debit or credit card used to book.

At present, we need to ask you to make a booking per child.  We aim to add the option to add siblings to speed up the booking process in the near future.

Payment Option 1 – Three Month Subscription

A Three Month Subscription at Starz Ballet® is available for a whole term only, charged at £6 per class.  A term at Starz is usually 12 classes, £72 in total, spread as three payments of £24. Spread Payment Option is calculated at £6 per class multiplied by the total number of classes scheduled to run for that term.

When booking if you select the three month subscription option, then you need to manually enter your total subscription amount in the ‘other amount’ entry field e.g. £72.  Your first payment will then be calculated for you to confirm and to process.

12 Classes = £72, three payments of £24.  11 Classes = £66. three payments of £22

10 Classes = £60. three payments of £20

Starz Subscription payments will be taken from your card registered with Starz Ballet® with the first payment taken on the day of booking (this reserves your class place for the term) and then payments again exactly one month and two months later for a total of three payments.  If your chosen course runs for slightly more or less weeks, or you qualify for our multi class/sibling discount you can still choose this option at booking to reserve your term place, and manually enter the correct total fee for your booking and the system will split this into three equal payments.

Please note that if you enter a full subscription amount which is less than the total term fee for your course, Starz Ballet® reserve the right to amend this to the correct total term fee charged at £6 per class.  If you enter to much in error we will process a refund to your card registered with Stripe.

Payment Option 2 – Full Term Payment

A Full Term Payment at Starz Ballet® is usually 12 classes, charged at £66.  Full Term Payment is made in one transaction, calculated at the discounted price of £5.50 per class multiplied by the total number of classes scheduled or remaining to run for that term.

To pay in full, please click on £66 or ‘other amount’ where you can add your correct payment amount using the detail below for easy reference.

13 Classes = £71.50.  12 classes = £66.  11 classes = £60.50.  10 classes = £55.   9 classes = £49.50.   8 classes = £44.   7 classes = £38.50.   6 classes = £33.   5 classes = £27.50.  4 classes = £22.  3 classes = £16.50.  2 classes = £11.  1 class = £5.50

Payment Option 3 – Trial Course £15

Payment of £15 allows new pupils to trial Starz Ballet® classes for three weeks before payment for the rest of the term is due.  All classes are charged at £5.50 per class for the term less the £15 trial course payment, which is deducted from this total fee.  Term fees vary depending on when during a term a pupil joins.

Remaining term payment will be debited from the card used to pay for the trial three weeks after your first class, unless you have emailed or called the Starz office to cancel.

Example:  First payment £15.  Second payment £51.  Total payment £66 for 12 class term charged at £5.50 per class.  Second payment will vary depending on number of classes remaining in the term when you join, but always charged at £5.50 per class.

If pupils do not wish to continue with classes, or you wish to use a different method of payment, please inform the Starz Ballet office no later than three weeks after your first class to avoid payment being taken in error. E-mail: or Tel: 0333 1234 140.  Please remember that payment is due three weeks after your first class date even when not all classes have been attended.  Just drop us a line or call the office to discuss if you have any queries.


Except in the instance of Starz Ballet® cancelling a class, class fees are non-refundable though if you have an exceptional circumstance, please call us – we are a reasonable bunch!