Starz Ballet – Early Years Ballet Classes

Welcome to Starz Ballet! We offer professional, early years ballet classes at multiple locations across Hampshire, England. Children can join us at Starz as soon as they can hold their heads up on their own, until year 2! We know how important your children are to you, and so we allow parents to sit in on classes as the kids learn our professionally designed dance class syllabus. Some of our classes also offer dedicated ‘Social Time’, where children and parents alike can bond with other like minded individuals! We bring along toys for the children to play with during this time, props for dance classes, and FREE hot and cold refreshments for all!

Join Today!

We are always accepting new pupils! You are welcome to try our £18 three-class trial, as most children take a few weeks to build in confidence and show you how much they are learning. Alternatively, you can click here to book straight on to a class!

Social Ballet Classes

Social time is something that we know is of great value to parents, both for themselves and for their kids. As mums ourselves, we know many of us with young children are sleep deprived in the mornings, and appreciate a tea or coffee to perk us up! That’s why Starz Ballet classes are designed to include social time! We have toys for the kids, and complimentary hot and cold drinks for everyone in the classes that specify they include ‘social time’. This is a great opportunity for the children to interact with each other, and for mums to socialise over a hot drink too, which we find is particularly welcome for morning classes. We find that having dedicated social time allows the children to bond over what they enjoy doing, and increases focus when it’s time to learn!

You can find out more about our classes here!

Shop Smart with Starz!

It’s not just dance classes we offer! We also provide affordable dance gear and more! Click here, or find the shop link at the top of the page for great gear, like ballet shoes, leg warmers and leotards.


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