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Dance Classes That Are Sociable, Focused and FUN!

Our Starz Ballet ethos and teaching style is far from that of a traditional ballet school.


A New Approach to Dance Lessons

Join us at Starz, with a full range of ballet and dance classes from toddler ballet, pre-school ballet and KS1 Ballet through to AcroArts Starz Acro and Tap classes from baby ballet through to senior school age dance lessons, we have a full range of ballet classes and dance classes for everyone!  

Starz classes are more than just movements—they are a journey of growth, joy, and connection. Experience our gentle and nurturing approach to learning dance with ease, where every dancer shines, and dreams take centre stage. Enrol today and be part of a dance school that celebrates the magic of movement and the beauty of each individual’s journey.  

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Starz Ballet

Starz Ballet offers a unique approach that goes beyond traditional ballet classes. Our well developed syllabus caters to children’s individual needs, from pre-school ballet to dancers attending senior schools!  Starz lessons foster ballet skills at each dancers own pace while having lots of fun as they learn! 

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Dance Starz

Dance Starz is great for increasing fitness levels while exploring modern dance styles creating exciting new choreography together and experimenting as we learn to dance with confidence and enjoyment.  We love to explore different dance styles such as lyrical, commercial, modern and jazz.

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Starz Acro

Discover the magic of StarzAcro, where children of all ages experience the perfect blend of dance and acrobatics. Our expert StarzAcro Teachers, trained through Starz and AcrobaticArts, deliver captivating and safe classes.

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Tap Starz

Our fun-filled Tap syllabus introduces youngsters to the world of tap dance, teaching rhythm, control, timing, and the essence of tap as a whole. Our Beginners Tap Starz class welcomes eager young dancers, providing a playful introduction to tap fundamentals. 

Why We Do What We Do!

Nurturing Learning Through Fun

We understand that the key to fostering a love for dance is to make lessons an enjoyable experience. At Starz, learning takes place in an environment filled with laughter and enthusiasm. Our classes are designed to be engaging and entertaining, allowing children to explore their creativity while mastering the art of dance.

Life Skills Beyond Dance

Starz is not just about teaching dance; it’s about preparing children for life’s journey. In addition to dance techniques, our classes instil vital life skills, such as manners, turn-taking, and active listening. We believe that these qualities are as important as dance proficiency, shaping well-rounded individuals who can thrive in any setting. 

From Classroom to Stage Performances

We are committed to being with our dancers every step of the way. From the first dance class in the classroom to captivating stage performances in theatres, we provide unwavering support and encouragement. We believe that every performance is an opportunity for growth, self-expression, and celebration.

Building Connections and Relationships

At the heart of Starz, we cherish the connections we build with all our dancers and their families. We strive to create a close-knit community where every individual feels valued and supported. Our team is dedicated to nurturing meaningful relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere for our dancers and their grown ups.

Supporting the Community

At Starz, we take pride in our strong connection with the local community. We actively support local events, schools, and nurseries, contributing to the growth and enrichment of our community through the power of dance. We believe in giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

Empowering Choice in Learning

We understand that children learn best when they have a sense of ownership over their education. That’s why we carefully manage elements of choice within our lesson planning. This approach encourages self-expression and fosters a deep love for dance, as students feel empowered to explore their unique talents and interests.

Joining Starz... Easy as 1...2...3!

Book Your Trial

Our trials are run over 3 classes because we understand that it can take a few weeks for new dancers to build in confidence and settle into their new class.

Accept Your Invite To Join

After your third class, your teacher will email you an invitation to join the class ongoing, simply click to accept or reject this invitation after your third class.


Once you accept your invite you will be prompted to subscribe with us via your Class 4 Kids Account. You will need to add your card details and authorise via your banking app. Payment is taken on the 1st of every month.

About Starz Exams

Why Starz Exams?

For years we have not offered exams because our ethos of celebrating everyone equally without pressure seemed to clash with that of traditional dance exams which reward results and talent rather than efforts. 

Parents have asked us to offer exams so we have listened and created our own, which complement our beliefs and ethos. Our in-house exams are designed to reflect the unique Starz approach to dance education. We’ve carefully crafted these exams to align with our ethos of learning through fun, kindness, and confidence-building. Whether your child is a part of our Starz Ballet classes, Dance Starz sessions, or any of our other class types, they’ll have the chance to showcase their progress in a supportive and encouraging Starz exam environment where all progress is recognised and celebrated.

Common Questions

Dance Lesson FAQs


At Starz, fostering an environment where your child feels comfortable and empowered to express themselves throughout their dance journey is our priority. As newcomers step into our classes, we encourage them to wear clothing which is comfortable for movement and dance. This might mean opting for beloved leggings or shorts paired with a comfy t-shirt, or even embracing the allure of a chosen dress-up ensemble! From the very outset, we celebrate individuality and hold the belief that dance serves as an avenue for self-expression. It's important to note that wearing Starz uniform remains entirely optional.

Of course, there are merits to donning the Starz uniform. Beyond the practical aspects, it can cultivate a sense of belonging and present a polished look when the class unites in their favored Starz attire. Here are our uniform recommendations for each class:

Starz Ballet

  • Ballet Shoes
  • StarzBallet®️ Skirted Leotard
  • Crossover Cardigan


Starz Ballet (School Clubs)

  • Ballet Shoes
  • StarzBallet®️ Skirted Leotard
  • StarzBallet®️ Onesie (to wear over uniform to avoid changing)


Dance Starz:

  • Black Jazz Shoes
  • Black Leggings or Catsuit
  • Dance Starz Branded T-Shirt


Starz Acro:

  • Black Jazz Shoes
  • Starz Gold Leotard
  • Black AcroStarz Shorts
  • AcroStarz Branded T-Shirt



  • Tap Shoes
  • Black Leggings or Catsuit
  • TapStarz Branded T-Shirt


Our primary focus is your child's comfort and confidence. Whether they choose to embrace the Starz uniform or opt for their personalised dancewear, we're here to support their journey and help them shine as they express themselves through dance.

Once you've decided to become part of our Starz community, we highly recommend having ballet shoes fitted at class by your teacher. Starz teachers will ensure a proper fit for your child's ballet shoes, providing the right balance between comfort and a sensible amount of growing room. Properly fitted ballet shoes enhance your child's dancing experience, allowing them to glide and twirl with grace.

At Starz, we appreciate that every family has different budget considerations. As a result, we do not enforce a strict uniform policy. We want to make dance accessible to all, and we value the diversity in our dance community. However, we kindly ask parents to explore our thoughtfully selected range available on our website: Our carefully chosen dancewear ensures a soft touch on your little dancer's skin and machine washable items for sustainability and convenience.

To cancel your child's subscription, simply drop us an email at with your child's full name and class, entitled 'Cancellation.' Please provide a 4 weeks' notice, and our Starz team will ensure that your final balance accurately reflects the number of classes available to you during your subscription with Starz.

We offer make-up classes for instances when your child misses a class due to illness. You can view our full schedule of classes and make up the missed session at any of our venues in an age-appropriate class. Just drop us an email at to arrange a make-up class.

Accidents happen, and we understand. Please send us a doctor's note to, and we will arrange to pause your subscription while holding your child's space.

No, after careful consideration and research, we have decided to streamline our payment options for all parents. Monthly payment is the most convenient and affordable way to handle payments. This allows us to keep administrative tasks to a minimum and focus on teaching and continuously improving classes.

We take the number of classes planned to run over the next 12-month period and divide the cost equally across the 12 months. For example, if your classes are scheduled to run 39 times over the next 12 months, the calculation will be 39 X £6.82 = £265.98 / 12 months = £22.17 + £1 transaction fee = £23.17 per month.

For any family booking multiple classes, including siblings, we will take the full plan amount (as calculated as above) for the first class and then deduct 10% for your second and subsequent plans.

If you have any concerns or notice discrepancies in your plan, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at We will review your plan and make any necessary amendments to ensure everything is accurate and aligned with your needs.

At Starz, we are committed to providing transparent and hassle-free services for you and your child. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are always here to assist you with any questions or requests. Thank you for being part of the Starz community; we look forward to creating wonderful dance memories together!

At Starz, we’re passionate about nurturing not only the talents of our dancers but also the world we live in. We’re excited to launch our Sustainable Uniform Initiative—an initiative designed to make a positive impact on the environment and create opportunities for all children to experience the magic of dance.

With the Sustainable Uniform Initiative, we’re taking meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future while ensuring that every child has the chance to dance, regardless of their financial circumstances. Here’s how it works:

  • Donate Your Unwanted Uniform
  • Re-Sell for a Purpose
  • Empower Through Sponsorship

Ballet Uniform

Ballet Shoes, Skirted Leotard, Crossover Cardigan. Total Value £53.00 Bundle Offer Price £43.00

Dance Uniform

Black Jazz Shoes, Catsuit, Dance Starz T-Shirt. Total Value £60.00 Bundle Offer Price £49.00

Acro Uniform

Starz Acro Leotard, Velour Shorts, Branded T-Shirt. Total Value £62.00 Bundle Offer Price £49.00

Tap Uniform

Tap Shoes Tap Starz Branded T-Shirt Black catsuit Total Value £60.00 Bundle Offer Price £49.00

Professional Instructors

Meet Our Amazing Team

At Starz, teaching is more than just imparting dance steps; it’s about nurturing young hearts and minds, inspiring confidence, and fostering a lifelong love of dance. We have been on an incredible journey since we first opened classes in September 2010, shaping our unique teaching approach and building a team of exceptional educators who embody our Starz ethos.

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