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Grab the opportunity to rise and shine

Starz Shows are a magical experience where everyone is welcome!
At Starz, our primary aim is to introduce the children to the stage with a nurturing and fun attitude. We believe in creating a supportive environment where there is no pressure to perform with any sort of perfection, always keeping in mind the young age of all our pupils.
Our approach to the show day is all about fostering confidence and a sense of accomplishment for our young performers. Our teachers to join the children on stage, providing them with the comfort and support they need to truly enjoy the experience.
The show day is a magical event, especially for those who will be stepping on stage for the first time. We want every child and their family to savour this unforgettable moment without feeling any pressure. To keep the show accessible to all, we have worked hard to keep our show costs affordable. Our Show fees cover the use of a costume and accessories, dress rehearsal, and show performance within a professional theatre.
Spaces for dances are limited for safety, so we encourage you to book your spot as soon as possible to secure your place in the show. You will receive an invite via email from Starz Ballet, specifying the show and dance you are involved in. For up-to-date information and details about the show, please refer to our show page at
While there is no obligation to buy theatre tickets, we must let you know that our shows tend to sell out quickly. If you wish to purchase tickets, we recommend doing so promptly to avoid disappointment.
Here are our latest Starz Show schedules, specifics for each show dance and pupil will be emailed to you once your space has been booked with us.

Dazzle & Dance
Show Schedule – Sun 28th April 2024

Show Day Reminders

Located in: Thornden School
Address: Thornden Hall, Winchester Rd, Eastleigh SO53 2DW
Phone: 023 8024 6555
Plenty of free parking on-site,
turn left at the entrance.
Theatre tickets will be on sale from 10am on Monday 18th March.
Adult Tickets £16.50
Child Tickets £11.00
Show Schedule:
Show 1: Dancers arrive at 8:30, Show performance 10:00
Show 2: Dancers arrive at 11:30, Show performance 13:00
Show 3: Dancers arrive at 14:30, Show performance 16:00
Summary of Information & Reminders:
– Arrive wearing your own black leggings and Show T-Shirt, we will have dance costumes ready and waiting for you.
– Arrive with hair in a ballet bun, unless your class teacher has specifically asked you for a different style.
– Remember to pack dancing shoes & tights or socks if your teacher has asked for these to be worn.
– Makeup is optional, no foundation please, bronzer/blusher are great. Long wear lipstick is best.
– Name EVERYTHING (T-shirt/leggings/dancing shoes).
– The Starz Team will meet you in the Theatre Foyer and direct you to changing areas.
Showtime Tips:
– Encourage your dancer to use the toilet before meeting their class friends backstage for costume changes.
– For children under 3yrs, a parent must accompany them throughout dress rehearsal and showtime.
– If your child is over 3yrs, you may leave them safely with their parent helpers after registration.
– Any parents who stay for dress rehearsal must also stay for showtime to avoid any upset.
After the show:
-We will dismiss dancers to their parents from the same place you drop them off. All will become clear on the day

Dazzle & Dance Spring Show

This year’s show entry fee is £25 and includes quite a lot! 
• Limited edition keepsake “Dazzle & Dance” Show T-shirt (value of £15 each)
• Digital download of our show recording (value of £16 each)
• Costume hire (value of £10)
• Your child’s space in x1 dance & our finale 
• 2.5 hrs of dress rehearsal and show time with the Starz Team in the theatre
Total value over £40, actual show fee is £25 this year.

Have any questions?

Call or email us from our contact page and we will be happy to help

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh, yes! - We extend a warm invitation to all Starz pupils to join us on stage for our shows. We hope that your child can be a part of this exciting and confidence building experience.
No worries! We understand that dance routines can be a lot to remember, especially for
our young performers. We have plenty of practice time, and your child's
teacher will be right there with them on stage. They can follow their
teacher's lead and receive guidance, helping them build confidence
throughout this new experience. We do not expect perfection from any of
our dancers and will nurture and support them every step of the way.
For children under 3 years
old, one parent will stay with their child during the dress run and show
time. This parent will not need a show ticket, as they will either be on
stage supporting their little one or watching from the wings.
If your child is 3 years or older, they will be well looked after by two adult
helpers from their class. You can also volunteer to be the adult helper if
you prefer. To ensure a smooth backstage experience and avoid
overcrowding, we can only accommodate one adult per child backstage.
Absolutely! We will be looking for two adult
helpers per dance for all children over 3 years old. At least one of the
helpers needs to have a recent DBS check. Feel free to talk to your child's
teacher to express your interest in helping, as our teachers are organizing
helpers for their dances.
The safety and well-being of our
young performers are of utmost importance to us. We have robust
safeguarding and Health & Safety procedures in place for the show day.
Our dedicated teaching team will be supervising the children at all times,
in addition to our adult helpers.
To ensure a secure backstage environment, access to the children in our
dressing rooms and backstage areas is strictly managed through our
wristband system. Adults (one per booked child) are issued with
wristbands to maintain a controlled and safe environment.
Rest assured, your child's safety is our priority, and we strive to provide a
positive and secure experience for all involved in the Starz Show.

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