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Where the magic of dance meets the thrill of acrobatics!

Our StarzAcro classes are taught by our expert Starz Teachers, who have undergone extensive training and hold qualifications from both Starz and AcrobaticArts. With our unique blend of dance and acrobatics, we offer a captivating and exhilarating experience for children of all ages.

At StarzAcro, safety and skill development are our top priorities. We follow the AcrobaticArts syllabus, a renowned and comprehensive program that ensures progressive and structured learning. From mastering foundational moves to achieving more advanced techniques, our students build a strong acrobatic foundation in a safe and nurturing environment.

What sets our StarzAcro classes apart is the infusion of our Starz ethos. Our experienced teachers bring their creativity and passion to every lesson plan, adding that special touch of Starz magic. We believe in encouraging self-expression and celebrating each child’s unique abilities. As our students explore the art of acrobatics, they also cultivate creativity, confidence, and teamwork.

Key Highlights of StarzAcro Classes:

Our Starz Teachers are not only trained by Starz but also certified by AcrobaticArts, ensuring top-notch instruction and expert guidance.

We follow the AcrobaticArts syllabus, which offers a well-structured and progressive approach to learning acrobatics. From beginners to advanced levels, we provide a solid foundation for growth.

Safety is our utmost priority. Our classes are conducted in a supervised environment with proper equipment and spotter assistance to ensure the well-being of our students.

While following the AcrobaticArts syllabus, our teachers infuse the Starz ethos, allowing students to express themselves creatively and develop their own unique style.

With a focus on skill development and progression, our students continuously build on their acrobatic abilities, achieving new milestones with each class.

Join us at StarzAcro for an extraordinary dance and acrobatic adventure! Whether your child is a beginner or an aspiring acrobat, we have the perfect class to suit their needs. Discover the joy of mastering acrobatics, unleashing creativity, and building confidence – all while being guided by our talented Starz Teachers. Enroll now and watch your child shine like a true StarzAcro performer!

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Our Values

A New Approach to Dance Education

Join us at Starz, where dance is more than just movements—it’s a journey of growth, joy, and connection. Experience our gentle and nurturing approach to learning, where every dancer shines, and dreams take centre stage. Enrole today and be part of a dance community that celebrates the magic of movement and the beauty of each individual’s journey.

1. Nurturing Learning Through Fun

We understand that the key to fostering a love for dance is to make it a joyous experience.

3. Life Skills Beyond Dance

Starz is not just about teaching dance; it's about preparing children for life's journey.

2. Building Connections and Relationships

At the heart of Starz, we cherish the connections we build with all our dancers and their families

4. Dance for All

At Starz, we wholeheartedly believe that dance is for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

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One-Act Ballet

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Neo-Classical Ballet

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Contemporary Ballet

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