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An innovative dance experience for children aged 4 and above!

At Dance Starz, we are excited to offer a modern and dynamic syllabus that goes beyond traditional dance forms. Our classes are thoughtfully designed to explore various aspects of dance, fostering creativity, teamwork, choreography, and fitness in an engaging and enjoyable environment.

With a captivating selection of recognisable chart music, our classes have been an instant hit with older children and After School Clubs alike. We believe that incorporating popular music into our sessions helps children connect with the joy of movement and express themselves freely through dance.

Key Features of Dance Starz Classes:

We encourage children to explore their creativity and develop their unique dance style through fun and imaginative movement exercises.

In our classes, children learn the value of teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation. Working together on group routines fosters a sense of unity and builds their social skills.

Our experienced instructors guide the young dancers in understanding the art of choreography. They get to unleash their inner choreographer, allowing their creativity to shine.

Dance Starz promotes flexibility and fitness, incorporating exercises that enhance their physical abilities, posture, and overall health.

We place a strong emphasis on teaching dance moves with correct technique. Our instructors take the time to ensure that each dancer learns proper form and execution. Moreover, we provide ample opportunities to practice and improve these moves in every class, allowing children to progress and build a strong foundation in dance.

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Incorporating KS1 and KS2 Dance Learning Goals:

At Dance Starz, we believe in aligning our syllabus with the key learning goals for dance in Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) education. Our classes support the following objectives:

  • Developing fundamental movement skills and coordination.
  • Exploring various dance movements, patterns, and rhythms.
  • Understanding the connection between music and movement.
  • Encouraging creativity and expression through dance.
  • Building confidence in performing in front of others.
  • Refining dance techniques, including posture, alignment, and control.
  • Exploring different dance styles and genres.
  • Enhancing choreographic skills and creating more complex routines.
  • Understanding the cultural and historical significance of dance.
  • Collaborating with peers to create group performances.

Join us at Dance Starz for an exciting dance adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Our classes are packed with energy, creativity, and a whole lot of fun! Keep an eye out for the Dance Starz wording on our timetable, and let your child’s dance journey shine brightly with us. Enroll today and watch them become the true Dance Starz they are meant to be!

Our Values

A New Approach to Dance Education

Join us at Starz, where dance is more than just movements—it’s a journey of growth, joy, and connection. Experience our gentle and nurturing approach to learning, where every dancer shines, and dreams take centre stage. Enrole today and be part of a dance community that celebrates the magic of movement and the beauty of each individual’s journey.

1. Nurturing Learning Through Fun

We understand that the key to fostering a love for dance is to make it a joyous experience.

3. Life Skills Beyond Dance

Starz is not just about teaching dance; it's about preparing children for life's journey.

4. Dance for All

At Starz, we wholeheartedly believe that dance is for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

2. Building Connections and Relationships

At the heart of Starz, we cherish the connections we build with all our dancers and their families


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